This is PurpleI2P Certification Authority

Our CA certificate here: link b32
Our CA revocation list: link b32
Notice: Current certificates is only for testing purposes. When all will be ready to start work they will be reissued.

Some info: link (russian)

You can request signing by sending your CSR to r4sas@mail.i2p (currently requests are not processed due to testing). Required information: Requests with wildcard CN will be rejected for security reasons!

List of verified and signed certificates

Domain base32 Verified Signed
r4sas.i2p 2gafixvoztrndawkmhfxamci5lgd3urwnilxqmlo6ittu552cndq.b32.i2p Yes Yes


CSR generation script: csrgen.tgz (todo: readme)

addresshelper b32
contact R4SAS at #i2pd-dev on Irc2P or #dev on Ilita (web)